We help you maximize your investment potential and grow your wealth with multi-family real estate. Westworth Capital Partners was formed with the objective of assisting accredited investors, family, friends, and businesses in passively investing in value-add multifamily assets to grow wealth for future generations while utilizing tax saving strategies and achieving early retirement goals. Our deals typically achieve an IRR, or internal rate of return, of 20%, with average equity multiples of 2.5x and hold durations of 5 years. Westworth Capital Partners team up with the nation’s largest award-winning property management companies, co-sponsors, and contractors while keeping asset management in-house to ensure continual clear communication of objectives and results to our investors.

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Our 4-Step Process

multi family real estate investments

We identify, underwrite, and acquire A and B class multi-family units in growing areas

These are sometimes described as “value add” because with some renovations and improvements, assets in this class can be elevated to a higher class, forcing appreciation and maximizing equity growth for our investors.

multi family real estate investments

Day to day, we oversee property management teams that have over 34 years of experience

Through the lifecycle of ownership, the asset is renovated and our management teams with over 34 years of experience work efficiently to increase income, decrease expenses, and achieve tenant satisfaction. This drives the Net Operating Income, impacting investor returns even further.

multi family real estate investments

We start making distributions to our investors soon after closing

Although we anticipate large equity growth, we also know that regular cash flow is important. That’s why we process regular distributions — typically either monthly or quarterly depending on the offering.

multi family real estate investments

We exit (sell) at the end of the hold period, with our investors getting a preferred return

In addition to the dependable income stream and forced appreciation, at the end of the planned lifecycle, we sell the asset for the best price according to our projections. Our investors enjoy preferred returns which means that they get paid first before the sponsors.

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