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Become a Savvy Investor in 20 Mins! Download The Simplest Guide to Passive Multifamily Investing Now!

At Westworth Capital, we specialize in helping busy professionals and investors, both new and experienced, passively grow their wealth. Our team understands that busy professionals often lack the time to actively invest but are interested in diversifying their investment portfolio.

Many of our investors have experience in stocks, Cryptocurrencies, REITS, and government bonds, and are seeking alternative, more passive ways to invest in real estate.

A research done by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco shows that the housing market and stock market haven’t followed the same patterns since before World War II. And while both real estate and stocks provide about the same annual returns (around 7%), housing returns are significantly more stable even in the face of market volatility. This makes real estate one of the rare assets that provide higher rewards without higher risk, with a risk profile on par with government bonds (low). 

Are you ready to diversify your portfolio and invest in a stable cash flowing asset with a potential to maximize your returns? Download our simple guide now for FREE!

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